About Us

Wouldn’t it be simpler to have someone prepare your food, control your portion size, count your calories and deliver it to your door? Just like having a celebrity’s chef but without breaking your bank account.

Our eating habits are dictated by the lifestyle we live, and making good choices is not always the priority on our list. From a busy schedule to an overwhelming number of diets, it can be difficult to invest time in the thing that matters most – our health.

We are changing that – Foodplan’s mission is to provide convenient, healthy, tasty and calorie-controlled meals. We create delicious home-made meals with no nasty ingredients, saving you time on grocery shopping and worrying about what to have for dinner. 


Our Journey

After returning from a long career in some of the most prestigious international kitchens, our Executive Chef – Mark Gauci – noticed a change in the Maltese society and its lifestyle. No longer people had time to cook at home every day, and instead, they were turning into quicker and less healthy options.

Aside from our meals being balanced to include a variety of proteins, carbs and natural fats, we also believe in diversity – that’s why you’ll never find a dish repeated in our 4-week plan.

We work to ensure you have a great range of food to choose from with lots of new dishes and innovations.


Get in touch

Still not convinced or have more questions?

Contact us on help@shop.foodplan.mt and we will be more than happy to guide you through our meal plans and answer any questions you might have!